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  • Today is the first day of the 2-week retreat at @purplevalleyyoga in Goa. Looking forward to lots of practice, laughter and sweat 😅
After Goa, @vesic_jelena and I will head to Taiwan for a 5-Day, 40-hour Intensive at @pureyogaofficial.
This pic is from our last retreat with @Ashtanga 108 in Mexico, taken of @zai.gom by the amazing AkbalFotografisto 🙏
  • The real truth behind all the beautiful asana videos. Enjoy. 😂😂😂
✨Mar 17-30, Goa @purplevalleyyoga
✨Apr 4-8, Taipei @pureyogaofficial
✨Apr 20-22, California @yogareclaimed
✨May 9-16, Bulgaria @ashtangayogasofia
✨May 19-25, Salento @yogainsalento
  • Gracias to all of the Ashtangis that I’ve spent time with these last 10 days in Mexico. I’m inspired by your light and your work💙
And a big thanks to my friend @ashtanga108 for organizing these events: May your days be filled with good coffee 🙏
  • Loving the beaches around Sayulita, Mexico this week. And doing some teaching, too 🙂
Come join @vesic_jelena and I on one of our upcoming workshops or retreats around the world:
•Mar 17-30, Goa @purplevalleyyoga +
•Apr 4-8, Taipei @pureyogaofficial +
•Apr 20-22, California @yogareclaimed +
•May 11-18, Bulgaria @ashtangayogasofia +
•May 19-25, Salento @yogainsalento +
  • These days I practice after I finish teaching, during the second Mysore session at @ashtangatoronto. And that means that I practice with other students.

In this practice, we are all and always students.  My students can see that I am doing the same thing I ask them to do each day. They see me struggle with the same things they struggle with.
There are no perfect teachers, no perfect humans. All I can do, as a teacher, is do the work as best I can and inspire and support others to do the same.
Goa, Mar 17-30 @purplevalleyyoga 
Taiwan, Apr 4-8 @pureyogaofficial 
California, Apr 20-22 @yogareclaimed

Pic by @cat_108 🙏
  • Happy 💙 day @vesic_jelena. I love you, and I’m a lucky man to be able to walk (and vinyasa) through life beside you.

And you’ll love her too! Join us for a 1-week retreat in Italy this Spring as we go-teach at the idyllic @yogainsalento,
Organized by @supersoulyoga, this promises to be a perfect week. Come experience one of Jelena’s famous squishes!
Registration details can be found on my website,, or just follow the link in my bio.
pic by @dolinainggolan 🙏
  • I 💙 @ashtangatoronto
  • A fool pulls the leaves. A brute chops the trunk. A sage digs the roots.
— Lorn Au Arcos
Back home in Toronto, and back to teaching daily morning Mysore classes at the amazing @ashtangatoronto.
Lots of retreats and workshops coming up:
• Feb 9-11, Toronto w @ashtangatoronto
• Feb 24-Mar 2, Mexico at @hotelito_los_suenos w @ashtanga108
• Mar 17-30, Goa w @purplevalleyyoga
• Apr 4-8, Taiwan at @pureyogaofficial
Pic by @dolinainggolan 🙏

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