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  • Sometimes I just really need to smell my shins.
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  • Practice presence.
The Ashtanga Sadhana teaches me to focus on sensations in the body, on the movement of the breath, as a means of connecting to the present.
The essential Self is always in the present moment. When I can let go of all the distractions, all of the thoughts that take me away from being here and now, I'm left with pure awareness and potential.
It also helps when your present moment is somewhere nice to be 😉
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  • We can spend time studying and talking about the effects of a spiritual path, but that will never really take us anywhere. Progress  requires us to show up each day, each moment, willing to change.
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  • Today I taught Mysore, and then I did my practice. But honestly the best part of my day was hanging out with my love, walking in nature, and relaxing.
  • We tied the knot. 💙@vesic_jelena
  • #Repost @yogashalaspb
Teaser about David Robson @davidrobsonayct & Jelena Vesic's @vesic_jelena workshop in St.-Petersburg. Full version is coming soon! @Noir_films production.

Удивительной глубины и красоты видео о воркшопе Дэвида Робсона в Питере. 
Полная версия на (ссылка в профиле).
На самом деле, не только о нем - ребятам из удалось передать то, что происходит в Шале каждый день - то самое состояние, вырастающее из devotion, dedication и discipline; искреннюю преданность практике, смешанную с любовью друг к другу и умением радоваться жизни. 
Огромное спасибо Максиму и Марине. И - ждем продолжения.

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  • My incredible boys. Being a Dad is the hardest and most rewarding part of my life.💙🤖🦉
  • We're happy! The charming and wise @timfeldmannyoga is in Toronto teaching at @ashtangayogato this weekend.

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