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  • We all start a yoga practice to create positive change in our lives. And yet, when the practice requires us to make sacrifices or changes, we complain, or find something easier.
Every time you feel discomfort, every instance you are challenged to show up for practice, is an opportunity for positive change. The commitment to a daily Sadhana will make you transform everything about your life, and that's exactly the point of it.
  • On my way to Guadalajara to teach my first workshop of 2017. Hanging out at the airport, making fun happen. Maybe freaking out other passengers a little bit too. 😬 But fun is good, right?
  • Developing a practice is like growing a 🌲. It needs to be consistently nurtured through each day of our lives, and it's health will depend on the attention we provide. Growing a practice is no guarantee that it will continue to thrive-- once we take on the work it is a lifelong commitment.
Pic by @loo_foto
  • Resistance, pain and fear aren't blocking you from doing the practice correctly. Allowing yourself to fully experience and explore these feelings is exactly the goal of practice.
  • Here's one of my practice secrets: sometimes I'll scream profanities in my head while holding an asana just to highlight the distinction between my thoughts and actions.
Pic by @loo_foto
  • So much of the tension we carry is about keeping discomfort and pain as far away as possible. My daily practice teaches me to viably push into and, ultimately, extend my limits.
  • Watching the sunrise on Chamundi Hill with @vesic_jelena.
Pic by @nitesh.bat
  • I haven't posted much during this current trip to Mysore, but all is well. I've been enjoying this time of inwardness and learning. And Netflix. 😂 
And of course it is always an incredible honor to assist my teacher Sharath! The Shala at 4am is incredible to watch and be a part of. I wish you could see it. Since I can't take any pictures in the shala, here's one of me assisting @vesic_jelena at @ashtangayogato. 💙


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