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  • In a couple of weeks I'll be making my 4th trip to Russia to teach at @ashtangamoscow and @yogashalaspb. 
If you want to see more of this video @stu_girling and I made at @purplevalleyyoga last year, you can find the whole thing here:

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Primary is too easy? Ha-ha 😂 David knows how to do your head in 😲

Отрывок из интервью с David Robson, где рассказывает о том, что такое виняса, в чем ее назначение и смысл, а в конце проводит краткий курс по виньясам асан стоя. ➡ Полная версия: ➡ Ссылка в профиле.

Не секрет, что Дэвид – «отличник» и «перфекционист» во всем, что касается виньяс. Однако это вовсе не формализм: за этим стоит определенное понимание, которое помогает двигаться вглубь и меняет восприятие происходящего в практике.

Интервью длинное, но очень интересное, так что рекомендуем досмотреть до конца. А в конце вас наверняка ожидает пара-другая сюрпризов 🙂

13-14 мая мы ждем Дэвида в Петербурге! Подробности на 
Сердечная благодарность фее переводов, Маше Коробовой @satchitanander и  бессменному сабмейкеру Косте Бабакову @borman712, за подготовку видео 💙💚💜.
 #ashtangalovers #ashtanga #yogagram #yoga #practice #аштангапитер #авй #робсонфорева
  • As hard as it was to walk away from my successful career as an underwear model, it was the right choice. I love teaching Ashtanga.
Pic by @sarah.pierroz
  • I haven't felt inspired to post much lately so today I'm going to take my lead from the 2 best IG superpowers that I know- @kinoyoga & @beachyogagirl: I'm jumping on the #effectivehandstands bandwagon today with #upavistakonasana.
  • #tb to @purplevalleyyoga. Just over a week ago @vesic_jelena and I were practicing to the sound of birds and the smell of burning trash. I miss the birds.
  • Holy Fuck! I'm on @omstarsofficial! 💙 Thank you @kinoyoga & @beachyogagirl! I'm beyond honored 🙏
  • We donated $600 to the Animal Rescue here in Goa!! ❤️🐶🐱🐰🦁
Thanks to @stu_girling for organizing everything and all of the kind Ashtangis that donated. Hoping we can do the same again next year! 🙏🙏🙏
@stu_girling with @repostapp
Last year when David Robson was here in Goa we made a pdf on floating in aid of the Animal Rescue place just down the road. We have been saving the proceeds and yesterday went to hand over the money and take a look around. Thanks to all those who donated we gathered close to $600 USD.
  • For a while I thought that when I  reached a certain stage of practice it would all get easier. That hasn't been the case. In fact, everything seems to get harder. There's more information, there's more effort, there's more process. But I'm good with that. I signed up for the work. Work is practice.
  • Another day of practice at @purplevalleyyoga begins.
with @vesic_jelena 🤸‍♂️!

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