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  • Doing this pose, #vrichikasana, the other day was a surprise for me— it’s been a while. I’ve been dealing with a shoulder injury for over a year, and so much of what once came easy has become so, so hard. There are many new physical limitations and frustrations. And, of course, many new lessons. 🙄
The goal of the practice isn’t about the shapes a body can make. Performance is just one facet of the jewel. A Sadhana is about showing up and being present and open to all aspects of experience. Weakness, doubt and injury are also a part of our wholeness, and so they need to have a place in our practice, too.
While I’d rather have my healthy shoulder back 😂, my practice has only gotten deeper with this injury. Every time I step on my mat I have no choice but to practice with focus and acceptance. My shoulder won’t have it any other way. 💙
  • Today I’m in incredible Opatija, Croatia. Reunited with my beautiful wife, @vesic_jelena 💙😍 And what better way to celebrate than by doing a yoga pose on some high, sharp rocks? 😂
  • If you surrender to these rules
They can free you
Oct 13-15, DC🇺🇸
Oct 20-27, Zagreb🇭🇷
Nov 17-19, Hong Kong🇭🇰
Nov 24-16, Jakarta🇮🇩
  • I don’t think 🐕BokSoon🦁 is impressed.
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Oct 13-15, DC
Oct 20-27, Zagreb
Nov 17-19, Hong Kong
Nov 24-16, Jakarta
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Have you ever wondered how to really lift up? Unlock the magical superpower of strength with @davidrobsonyoga 💪🏼More than just brute force, David articulates the subtleties of the breath, body and movement and makes these often elusive power moves accessible for all. The body is a breathing moving system that unites around challenging vinyasas to express true power. Find out what the inner work of vinyasa is all about under David's expert guidance.
Whether you're a dedicated Ashtangi or someone looking to take your practice to the next level this course is for you. More than just a beautiful demo, David really reaches the foundational aspects of the skills you need to master the lift-ups. All videos show David instructing @vesic_jelena so you get to see first how both how to perform and how to assist these asanas. With the help of a student-model you can really identify with the journey into strength. Leave this course with real tools to transform your practice.
Access this and much more on Omstars for FREE! Just use •DAVIDROBSON• in the coupon code and get your first month of Omstars totally FREE!
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2 days until the Partner Yoga Karma Workshop here at AYCT! Join @davidrobsonyoga and @vesic_jelena Friday September 29th from 7-9pm in this special fun-filled event. Come alone or bring a friend! Suggested donation is $40/pp. All proceeds go to the @taylorhuntyoga's #trinifoundation 🌠 Register in studio or online today. See you there! #ashtangayogato
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  • I’m very happy to report that my new course, Breathing Moving System, is now available on @omstarsofficial!
Each class has tips on how to deepen your experience of vinyasa. There’s also tons of instruction and demos for many of the vinyasas from the Ashtanga Sadhana.
And! You can watch it, and lots of other cool stuff on Omstars, for FREE! Use “DAVIDROBSON” in the coupon code thingy to get a FREE month of access to all of Omstars. 👏You’re welcome! 😁
The link for the course is:
Or just go to the link in my bio ⚡️
  • This is from last weekend's "Intro to Intermediate" workshop at @ashtangayogavictoria. I might have got a little carried away... 😂
I'm teaching workshops all over the world in the next few months. Maybe you can come?
Sep 22-24 @dallasyogacenter 🇺🇸
Oct 13-15 @theyogashaladc 🇺🇸
Oct 20-27 @gaiayogazagreb 🇭🇷
Nov 17-19 @pureyogaofficial 🇭🇰
Nov 25-26 @ashtangayoga42 🇮🇩
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