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  • We donated $600 to the Animal Rescue here in Goa!! ❀️🐢🐱🐰🦁
Thanks to @stu_girling for organizing everything and all of the kind Ashtangis that donated. Hoping we can do the same again next year! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
@stu_girling with @repostapp
Last year when David Robson was here in Goa we made a pdf on floating in aid of the Animal Rescue place just down the road. We have been saving the proceeds and yesterday went to hand over the money and take a look around. Thanks to all those who donated we gathered close to $600 USD.
  • For a while I thought that when I  reached a certain stage of practice it would all get easier. That hasn't been the case. In fact, everything seems to get harder. There's more information, there's more effort, there's more process. But I'm good with that. I signed up for the work. Work is practice.
  • Another day of practice at @purplevalleyyoga begins.
with @vesic_jelena πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ!
  • I'm in Goa teaching for then next 2 weeks at @purplevalleyyoga. 
First of many beach handstand pics. 😐
  • A steady practice isn't an unbroken line; it happens when you're willing to start over again and again.
Pic by @vesic_jelenaπŸ’™
  • It's so hard! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
  • This is Vishwamitrasana, a pose from Ashtanga's "Advanced" series.

Don't mistake an advanced asana for an advanced yoga practice. There isn't really any direct relationship between asana and yoga, i.e. flexibility and strength have no necessary correlation with a spiritual practice.

I have lots of students that have been practicing for many years and are still "just" practicing Primary Series. But the fact that they have been doing it every day for a long time makes it an advanced practice. 
Conversely, there are people that have practiced for just a year or two that can do lots of difficult, advanced poses, but I would consider them Beginners.

I think any asana, from any series, done steadily and with devotion, over a long period of time, becomes an advanced practice. Without that commitment, it's just shitty gymnastics.
  • For a practice to change your life, it needs to be your priority. When we put the practice first, all of our other decisions are informed by it.

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